This week’s House

Holy shit, all I’ve been listening to this week is HOUSE,

and not just any House, but french 90’s (and 2000’s) House- And holy *insert profanity of choice* is this some addicitve stuff!

Full of catchy hooks and heavy drums, all side chained like crazy, this makes one awesome genre…  If you now can call it that.  (Of course I can, I’m Mr M.)

My favourite artist is hands down Thomas Bangalter- No, not his Daft Punk stuff, but his other fancy-pants fashionable house tracks like So Much Love To Give by Together, which is Thomas Bangalter and Dj Falcon … Together, obviously.

Not that I don’t like Daft Punk, they’re one of my favourite musicians, but this is just so raw and straight-up-in-your-face-dance-or-die music- Much like Daft Punk’s Homework, which I seriously sometimes prefer over the super-mega-famous Discovery.


Well, first of all, Discovery has got a more commercial and clean sound- No more crazy 303 squeaks or dirty dist shit going around like it’s 1944 and all hell has broken loose.

And that’s kinda sad in my opinion- I like the crazy things, I enjoyed the screaming synths of Homework, I liked the constant hard ass tweaking of the 909 and yes I want you to bring the funk back!

Seriously, it doesn’t get more House-y than this- House is frickin’ supposed to be just hands down dance music, made for one purpose only, and that is to make people dance and spontaneously combus- No wait, that was a Buffy episode.

But dance nevertheless.

Anyway, to get to the point, this music fucking rocks, now here’s all the links you have been waiting for;

Thomas Bangalter – Colossus

Louis Laroche – Love Get his Peach EP for free on his myspace!

Together – Together

Le Knight Club – Hysteria

Alan Braxe – Vertigo & Thomas Bangalter Remix

Daft Punk – Live mixing In USA somewere

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Daft Punk – Phoenix

Hopefully that’s enough to keep you dancing for a while!


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